• Ghost grinder

    Ghost grinder

    Our new chilli grinders are packed full of Ghost naga flakes, perfect for anyone who wants that kick with every meal.

  • Naga Noodles

    Naga Noodles

    We have created some of the hottest noodle snacks on the planet. Can you finish one? You’ve heard of the Bad boy well this is Hell boy!

  • Blow your cock off

    Blow your cock off

    Our hottest sauce is “Blow your cock off” it is one of the hottest sauces available to buy. Made using lashings of 6.4 million extract, if your looking for the hottest thing we do you have found it. Please use this sauce with respect.

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Hot Chilli Sauce

 Our Ethos: To create chilli products that have great heat and flavour a little quirky perhaps! Products you wont find in the shops, that you want to buy again and again.

If you love hot chilli Sauce  and hot chilli products with great flavour you have arrived at the right place.  My name is Woody and together with my wife Zoe make  hot chilli sauces and other hot chilli products from our home kitchen in small batches, everything from Naga lime pickle to hot chilli pork scratchings. We try to develop hot chilli sauces and products you can’t buy in the shops, a little bit special, amazing flavor and great heat like chilli peanut butter and our new naga noodles!  Shop with confidence we use a secure server and will never pass on your details to any third party, if you have any problems just give us a call and we can now take your order over the phone. Come and see us up and down the country at food shows and events. New for 2015 will be Ghost chilli chocolate, Ghost grinders and more chilli pork scratching flavours!

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