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Woody & Zoe

We have a 5* food hygiene rating which we are very proud of.

hygiene our full details can be seen here

We are a family business from Grantham Lincolnshire, everything we sell is homemade using only the finest ingredients. Our passion for chillis has grown beyond all proportion, our life is just chilli chilli chilli. We have a poly tunnel in our garden and grow a few hundred plants every year, not enough to sustain us but we hope one day to have a small holding and grow everything we use.

You will find us as a range of products quite hot, we do have a few mild products, but even our mild is hotter than most. Our mission is to create hot products bursting with flavour, its all about finding the right balance. I would not want to add things to my food that would just make it so hot you can’t taste it.

We grew the Infinity chilli and in 2010 became the worlds hottest chilli.

The Infinity chilli now stands at 1.25 million scoville unts after further testing.

We also made the Sun newspaper


You can see us at shows and events up and down the country, have a look at our shows and events page and see if were doing a show near you. Also take a look at some of our videos we have been on BBC Breakfast news and also a few tv shows.

chilli stall


If you enjoy growing chillis, please join our forum, its all free and you will learn so much from other growers, also swap seeds and join in with our fun competitions.

Take a look at this video and see us in action!