Competition winner

The answer is of course “Waynes world”

All the correct names went into the hat and im pleased to say the winner is Alan horn @alhorny

Well done! if you send me your address here ill get your prize off early next week.

Thanks to everyone who took part, ill organise another competition in a few weeks for some chilli chocolate.

Its Competition time

Hi all,

few things first, chilli chocolate bars, buttons and drink pots will be live on this site friday 6th of Feb. Initially we will have 50 bars of ghost lime and 50 bars of ghost orange, the buttons are mixed with the same two flavours and the drink pots are orange.

We have just launched two more sauces

Juice of sumyunguy……a salty sauce with hints of garlic and curry and also our chipotle sauce superb smokey chilli sauce.

So now as promised its competition time, you can win

1 juice of sumyunguy

1 cajun ghost noodles

1 Chipotle sauce

delivered to your door/work

All you have to do is tweet/follow me @firefoods with the following answer to this question “Cream of some young guy” is a famous line from what film.

Good luck ill announce the winner on friday the 13th of February!

Latest news

Busy week here at Fire foods our new Naga noodles and Ghost grinders are now available


Also added is a new Ghost naga sauce “Ghostie” it doesn’t get much hotter for £4.

Were booking shows and events up and down the country, were starting in April this year letting the weather warm up a little first! Our first show is the Chester food and drink at Chester racecourse 3rd 4th and 5th.

I’ll be updating our events page very soon.

Our chocolate bars are about two weeks away from launch we have tested them and there amazing and our new stir in chocolate drink is simply stunning keep your eyes peeled for that.

And lastly were bringing back some branded hoodies and t shirts these will be available online and at our shows with our catchphrase “You get nothing till you swallow” embroidered into the back.

Well thats it this week

speak soon Woody

Back to the grind

Hi everyone,

hope you had a great xmas and new year. We are busy here ordering pallets of bottles and jars and ingredients to get started on another chilli fuelled adventure. We have some new and exciting products for 2015 including

  • Chilli chocolate bars
  • chilli chocolate buttons
  • chilli chocolate drink
  • naga ghost noodle pots
  • two new flavours to our nuts and scratchings
  • salt and pepper grinders with naga

we are expecting a delivery of 100 kilo of mash next week to get making our sauces that we sold out of over christmas, bum bandit, fookin and fire garlic (to be called klucking fluvly) will all be back,

We have been able to find a great supplier of ghost chillis at a great price meaning we can start selling hot naga sauces for £4.

Keep your eye on the website over the coming weeks.

speak soon