Growing Diary Aug/Sept Update.

Well…it’s time for another update…the plants in the Hydro greenhouse have grown huge with loads of leaves, despite being cut back earlier.

So, I gave them a quick trim to see what was going on in there ! I have to say, I was slightly disappointed…. although the plants all had pods,and loads of flowers,However I’d expected a lot more. I’m not sure if this is down to the lack of light being able to penetrate through the foliage, or the nutrients I’m using. I’ve already decided to change a few things next year, the Quadgrows will be replaced by 2 six plants NFT systems, and I’m also going to use a couple of different nutrients.I’m getting another 12 foot greenhouse and will revert back to sowing my seeds on Halloween night, then growing on the seedlings under lights, as I’M sure the extra couple of months helps the plants later on.
The plants in the NFT are doing ok, these being Infinity,Nagabon and Butch T….. but strangely of the 4 plants in the Wilma…only the Infinity has done any good ! The Bhut, Fatlii, and Butch T have no flowers and no pods !
The biggest concern for me now, is getting enough light and heat to ripen what pods are left on the plants in all greenhouses. I have loads of unripe pods, as you will see from the following pics.

A cross between Scotch Bonnet & Naga





This has been a good producer.

Don’t know if these will ripen, they take ages !

Another good producer, however pods have heat but not great flavour.

Well that’s it for now…my next update will be in October or November, depending how things go.