chilli piccalilli

Chilli Piccalilli


For all you piccalilli fans who like chilli… welcome to heaven!
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One of our staple products, Chillililli was with us on our first ever market stall and has been a favourite of ours and our customers ever since.

Our Chilli piccalilli is now even hotter, a lucky mistake as we added far too many Naga chillies to one batch but the customer feedback was keep it super hot, so thats what we have done.

Made with lovely crunchy cauliflour, onions and carrots to name but a few all combined in the well recognized mustard coloured rich, velvety sweet yet hot sauce. Your sunday roast will never be the same again with this bad boy. Try this with any cold meats or cheese. You will not be prepared for the kick this will give you!!!

So for all you piccalilli fans who like chilli welcome to heaven!