Infinity chilli sauce
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Infinity Chilli Sauce


We cooked up hundreds of infinity and bhut jolokia chilli pods to create a very very hot chilli sauce bursting with heat and flavour.
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Infinity chilli sauce

This is one very hot chilli sauce, but has bags of flavour.

We were unsure on how best to use the flesh to give you maximum heat and flavour so we have decided to keep it very simple.

AS you may know the Infinity chilli beat the current world record holder the Bhut Jolokia, by 20,000 scoville units in 2009, the results for 2010 measured a whopping 1,257,468 that’s 200,000 scoville units hotter than the former Guinness worlds record holder, and was grown right here in the UK.

In our opinion for heat and flavour it doesn’t get any better.

We are in the process of getting another batch tested which we believe will be even higher.

Add this chilli sauce to just about anything for that ultimate chilli kick.

We also make Infinity and Beyond chilli sauce which is even hotter! And now you can Personalise your Infinity chilli sauce here.


4.50 out of 5

2 reviews for Infinity Chilli Sauce

  1. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Ashley Lester on June 7, 2012 :

    After writing about the Naga Lime Pickle, I also would like to say a word about the hottest thing in the Universe this side of Leonard Susskind. This is so hot, the first thing I did was laugh uncontrollably and turn bright red. Then I developed pressure in my ears and things started to get hazy. After about 20 seconds I had a smile on my face. ‘Nuff said!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by russell white on June 17, 2012 :

    Finally managed to work myself though a bottle of this bad boy……. Belive me small amounts at a time are only needed!!
    Many funny pranks spiking peoples food at BBQ’s, just watching and waiting for the burn to begin. Will be upgrading to the beyond version now, can’t wait!!

  3. Rating by Terry Gough on April 27, 2013 :

    Last night I decided… or shall I say got conned into eating 3 of the infinity chillies followed by me downing a quarter bottle of the infinity sauce. The flavour was amazing and the heat…… no comment lol only just realised now by doing a goggle search just how hot this chilli is. Kind of pround now reading up on this but never again. I will be buying afew bottles of the sauce though. Best ive tasted to date.

  4. Rating by jimbob on May 11, 2014 :

    What a great sauce…….. Chicken marinated in this then made into a curry…….Awsome Thanx

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