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Worlds Hottest Curry


What makes it the Worlds Hottest Curry?

Most curries use tomatoes and onions as the base then add chilli, spices, etc to adjust the heat and flavour.

We use our own Infinity chillis along with Naga chillis (aka Bhut Jolokia/Ghost chilli), two of the hottest chillis in the world.
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 The worlds hottest curry as Seen on ITV’s Food Glorious Food, yep that’s me with the flame shirt on!

“She did keep clear of at least one dish though after a contestant said his friends had to be treated by medics after sampling one of his spicy dishes.

Vorderman said the meal brought tears to the eyes of programme judge Tom Parker Bowles, son of the Duchess Of Cornwall.

‘When we were doing the heat for Yorkshire and the North East, this guy turned up and said, “I’ve got the world’s hottest curry”.

‘He started cooking and told me the story about how he’d cooked it for his friend two months before.

‘He’d had a plateful and half an hour later, had to call an ambulance.

‘Tom Parker Bowles tried a bit and went into shock – after a spoonful. His eyes were streaming and he almost started hallucinating.’


worlds hottest curry

After being filmed for TV making the worlds hottest curry with our local Indian restaurant Bindi in Grantham, we decided that we should make a similar product available for you to buy and cook with at home.
We have put a lot of thought into this product as it’s a big claim saying its the hottest curry in the world. Although we cannot prove this, what we can say is that this curry is by far and away hotter than anything you can order at an Indian restaurant.

What makes it the Worlds Hottest Curry?  Most curries use tomatoes and onions as the base then add chilli, spices, etc to adjust the heat and flavour.   We use our own Infinity chillis along with Naga chillis (aka Bhut Jolokia/Ghost chilli), two of the hottest chillis in the world.

Every mouthful will be like eating one of these chillis.  If you have tried our Infinity sauce, its like eating a spoonful of that with every mouthful!  Being honest I would say it is ten times hotter than a Phall.

Please note: This video is not for the faint hearted.


Wow, if anything deserves the name Worlds Hottest Curry then this is it. As with previous reviewers I am used to very hot curries and I make my own from scratch most weeks, usually involving plenty of nagas and most of my meals contain chilli in some form so you would think I have quite a high tolerance. I’ve also tried two other contenders for the worlds hottest curry (Nagaloo and Satan’s Ashes) both of which were very hot but I had no problem finishing. None of this prepared me for the onslaught that this little jar would bring.

I first boiled some swede (works really well in a vegi curry, try it), carrot and cauliflower then drained and added the curry sauce plus about half a jar of water, simmered for 10 minutes and then left it to stand for an hour before reheating while adding approx another quarter jar of water. I plated up half of it with some boiled rice and tucked in, half way through and the heat build up started to get really serious and each mouthfull was really burning. At one point I even had to stop for a couple of minutes to get some fresh air before continuing and I eventually gave in with 3 or 4 mouthfulls still left which is unheard of but despite being so close to finishing it I just couldn’t take any more.

Some yoghurt followed by a couple of cold beers in quick succession helped cool my mouth and throat down but my stomach was burning really badly for the next couple of hours and well, I’ll leave it to your imagination where it went from there.

This really is seriously hot stuff and I have to say that it beat me, I’ve put the remaining portion in the freezer but to be honest I’m not sure I will ever have the bottle to eat it!


How do you use the worlds hottest curry sauce?


You use this sauce in exactly the same way as you would a supermarket sauce.  Cook your chosen meat or vegetables first then pour in a jar of Worlds Hottest Curry and simmer for 10-15 minutes.  You can add anything you like, but don’t be a wimp and add coconut milk!!

Do you want to be famous? Send us in your pictures (after the meal) and we will add you to the hall of fame page, which will be set up to honour the true chilli heads of the world.


If you buy or try to eat this product you agree that Fire foods are not responsible for any pain, severe injury or death. If you are buying this as a gift please print this page and give it to the person who will be eating this curry.

* Possibly!