Chilli Sauces UK

Chilli sauces UK handmade by Fire Foods started as a small acorn, I bought the domain name and created my first ever website.

chilli sauces uk

It was great selling our chilli sauces UK up and down the country. It all started at our local Grantham market back when it was very popular, we then migrated to larger markets and then food shows up and down the country. Now we are out almost every weekend during the show season and attend some huge Christmas Markets, from Lincoln Christmas market to Chatsworth House.

chilli sauces uk

As well as attending shows we produce all the products, maintain the website and complete all the online orders, it really is a full time job! So here I was working full time at R.A.F Cottesmore, mortgage, wife and two kids and running a small chilli company. After talking it through we decided to go full time with Fire Foods and leave the security of my full time job….the best decision I ever made.

Claim To Fame

We grew the worlds hottest chilli in 2010 a great achievement for a small team from Grantham, it put us on the map and although it didn’t last long its a story for the grandkids!

chilli sauces uk

We try and create products for the British palate, one of our best sellers is our chilli peanut butter, just add a little to cooked chicken and you have a great satay!  Another cult item is our Firemite hot chilli sauce made using yeast extract, for all you Marmite/Twiglet lovers out there this is for you.

Our Ethos

I can’t see the point in making just a generic chilli sauce or product as you might as well go to your local supermarket so we always try to make something special, a little different from the rest. We are always trying new recipe ideas and flavours, we have recently added bacon chilli pork scratchings which are incredible.

Chilli Pork Scratchings

Have a good look round and see if there is anything you fancy, as a rule we don’t do mild but we do punchy flavours that you will love. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and please order with confidence when you buy chilli sauces UK online from Fire foods, we are always here if you have any problems.

Thanks for stopping by.

Woody & Zoe