Hot Chilli Sauces UK

Fire foods create chilli sauces you won’t find on the high street. Handmade funky chilli products that will make your taste buds dance. From Chilli bacon jam, chilli peanut butter and Super hot chilli sauce bursting with flavour. Our products also make great chilli gift ideas for the one you love and hate.



Our chilli sauces are bursting with flavour, we make everything from bacon to marmite sauces, our philosophy is why buy from us when you could buy from a supermarket? With this in mind i set out to create amazing chilli products that you would want to use everyday on everything! Taking your favourite foods and funking them up. Our Firemite chilli sauce has an amazing Marmite taste great for cheese on toast, i like it on roast potatoes and it goes great with pasta, for all you marmite lovers out there this is amazing. Also our spit roast bacon sauce has a touch of frazzles about it, also great on pasta but it simply goes with anything!



We also do a worlds hottest curry *possibly, made using tons of ghost chilli, this is one bad boy curry and not for the faint hearted among you! Our peanut butter makes a great satay, just add it to cooked chicken for an amazing combo, its also great on burgers, stirred in noodles and great with cheese! As for the bacon jam, well lets just say it might just change your life! Try this on burger, sausages, pizzas and toast!



Hot chilli pork scratchings, nuts and onions are a must for any bbq or get together, they make great snacks with a beer! We are the chilli pork scratching pioneers and still the best imho. We are always inventing new flavours so keep checking back. Please have a good around the site, any problems please contact us. We currently have a 3 for £10 deal which is great value. Check out our events page and see if were coming to you any time soon. Have a look at our about us page, we grew the hottest chilli in the world in 2010 called the Infinity chilli.