10 Best North Indian Recipes for The Health Conscious

The Internet has become a key part of human life today, and if you need any kind of information, the web (and Google) is your favorite resource to turn to.

However, one of the most commonly searched subjects in world is Food; and this ranges from ordering your pizza online, to knowledge and information about nutrition.

If you’re a true foodie looking for North Indian recipes online; you may agree that one of the factors that bring concern is Health. Typically, North Indian dishes are extremely rich; and involve the use of a lot of oils and spices.

Also, it is common misconception that North Indian recipes only mean Non-Vegetarian dishes! Here are 10 top recipes (Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian) for the healthy foodie from North India that will change the way you feel about food –

#1 – Nalli Nihari: Known as one of the most rich dishes among foods of north India (recipes vary); Nalli Nihari is made from lamb leg pieces and actually get their taste from bone marrow rather than additional oils or ghee! Some special recipes can help you make this dish using no more than 2-3 tablespoons of oil.

#2 – Oats Palak Paneer: When it comes to typically North Indian recipes one of the favorite and well known dishes is Palak Paneer. However, using Oats to add in a health factor is something unique, and you can find some ways to cook Palak Paneer without using the traditionally massive quantities of butter!

#3 – “Healthy” Chicken Curry: North Indian recipes for the traditional ‘Chicken Curry’ will involve the use of a lot of oil or ghee to give it the authentic ‘Indian Curry’ flavor. However, the curry taste is about the careful use of spices, not oil – so look for a healthy recipe!

#4 – Daliya Pulao: When looking for healthy North Indian recipes it is common to come up on ‘Daliya’. This is a form of semi-broken wheat, and a much healthier and wholesome alternative to rice or ‘maida’ which do not have essential fibers and nutritional value compared to Daliya!

#5 – Mutton Paya: Another famed North Indian recipe known for being “Super Heavy” is the famous breakfast food known as Mutton Paya. However, certain recipes can help you make this dish using the natural juices and gelatin marrow of the mutton legs rather than a lot of oil!

#6 – Kaju Badam Paneer: Normally, the mention of cashew nuts (Kaju Badam) gives people an idea of High Calorie foods. However, special recipes like Kaju Badam Paneer do not need the use of too much oil, and use the natural and healthy richness of cashew to bring taste!

#7 – Murgh Kalimirch: Black Pepper (Kalimirch) brings in the unique taste and distinct flavor to this North Indian recipe; and is perhaps one of the simplest and healthiest ways to enjoy chicken without a lot of calories!

#8 – Malai Kofta: With the mention of ‘Malai’ (Cream), it is difficult to imagine a dish that is healthy. However, when cooked using healthy alternatives like Oats to make your Kofta; this favorite vegetarian dish changes its image entirely!

#9 – Khatta Anardana Murgh: Anardana (pomegranate) is a unique ingredient when cooking non-vegetarian North Indian recipes. However, ‘Khatta’ or ‘Sour’ Anardana Murgh offers you a new taste and alternative methods to prepare chicken; while pomegranate itself is extremely healthy and high in food value!

#10 – Steamed Samosas: When looking for traditional North Indian recipes, ‘Samosas’ and ‘Healthy’ can rarely be put together! We all know ‘Samosas’ to be deep fried – but it is possible to cook this most loved Snack by ‘Steaming’ it an oven; and avoiding the frying! Look for such a recipe online for healthier snacking.