5 Things You Should Know About Foods That Suppress Appetite

Facts about Foods that Suppress Appetite

1. Eat the Good Kinds of Fat

Although most of us are turned off by the idea of “eating fat,” it’s a totally different story when we’re eating the type of fats that are healthy. These will be the ones that are able to suppress your appetite. You want to eat foods with monosaturated fat because when the fat is in that form, it makes your body think that it’s full and satisfied. Foods that suppress appetite and contain high monosaturated fat include olives and olive oil, sunflower kernels, avocados, macadamia nuts, and almonds. Also, you can eat tiny servings of mayonnaise, heavy cream, and cream cheese to suppress your appetite.

2. Fibrous Veggies!

By just being healthy and eating green foods will be enough to suppress your appetite. These vegetables are high in fiber, so you’ll get full easily, and they’re low in calories so you won’t gain any weight. Foods that suppress appetite in this category include radicchio, endive, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, celery, and a whole lot more… (many vegetables fall into this category). Do your best to eat as many fibrous veggies in every meal so that you can always suppress your appetite. If you’re not used to consuming raw foods, then start out slowly so you can avoid indigestion.

3. Eat Protein

Protein is great to eat because it slows down the rate of your body’s absorption of carbs. When you eat a lot of carbs by themselves, your body will quickly take the excess energy and store it in your fat cells. Foods that suppress appetite and are high in protein include fish/seafood, lean meats, chicken, and egg whites. To prevent your meal from having too much fat, you shouldn’t eat gravy and high carb foods such as French fries, white flour pasta, and potato chips. An interesting little fact is that if you eat protein, drinking beer will even be a little less fattening for you! If you can’t eat enough protein during the day, then try adding some protein shakes to your diet.

4. Spicy Foods

Unless you have a high tolerance for spice, this tip will apply to you. Whenever you eat spicy foods, I bet you drink a lot of water in the process. Drinking a lot of water when you eat will cause you to feel satisfied much faster. So add hot sauces or spices such as ginger, wasabi, garlic chili sauce, etc. This will turn your regular foods into foods that suppress appetite.

5. More Fiber!

In addition to fibrous vegetables, you should eat fibrous fruits… especially if you need to eat something sweet. The more fiber it has, the more slowly you’re going to digest the food. Whenever you can, don’t take off the peels of fruits. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you should only eat a serving of 1 per day and eat a lot more veggies instead.

Source by Sigmund Kii

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