Chilli salsa

A very basic chilli salsa, that is quick and simple. The Cumin and garlic are optional, feel free to play with you food and add whatever herbs you like (or have to hand) most soft herbs will work fine, experiment, enjoy and eat while fresh.

chilli salsa

Ingredients 2/3 garlic cloves chopped 1 small/medium onion chopped 1 or 2 fresh green chillies – (Jalapenois a good start) 5 – 8 salad tomatoes A small bunch or fresh Coriander 1/4 tsp cumin seeds (Dry roasted in frying pan, then ground) A little lime juice to taste (your could also use orange if you have no limes) A little Salt and fresh ground black pepper

Prepare the ingredients (peal and chop garlic, dry roast and grind cumin seeds) you can de-seed the chillies if you wish, it will make the salsa milder.

Hold back 2 tomatoes and place the rest in a blender or food processor and blitz it all up Pour in to a bowl and then chop up and add the remaining tomatoes to give it a bit chunkier texture.