A Glossary of Typical Thai Dishes – Half II

Persevering with from final week’s article, this week’s article will deal with seafood and stir-fried dishes and Thai fruits. Definitely the fruits and the seafood are two specific strengths of Thai delicacies, and brought collectively the articles for each weeks define sufficient dishes to assist fill many months with an exquisite number of flavorful and wholesome dishes.


Thailand is without doubt one of the fortunate nations the place seafood is considerable. There may be all kinds of seafood to select from at an affordable value. Whereas not everybody likes or used to seafood, there really is way to select from and any completely different flavors and textures, making it fairly attainable one would discover some favourite dishes.

  • Goong Ob Wun Sen: steamed teamed prawns with glass noodles, ginger, cilantro and cilantro seeds
  • Ho Mok Pla: steamed fish custard
  • Ho Mok Ta Le: steamed seafood custard
  • Hoi Tod: fried oyster in batter with egg on the mattress of beansprouts
  • Hoi Ma Laeng Phu Ob: steamed mussels with Thai candy basil (Bai Ho Ra Pha), kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass and garlic
  • Hoi Nang Rom Sod: contemporary oysters with chilies and garlic dipping sauce
  • Hu Cha Lam: shark fin soup
  • Kung Mungkon phao: Grilled lobster with chilies and garlic dipping sauce
  • Pla Kaphong Nueng King: steamed snapper (or different fish) with ginger and chillies
  • Pla Krug Phong Kari Tod: deep fried fish seasoned with curry
  • Pla Meuk Yang: grilled squid with chilies and garlic dipping sauce
  • Pla Nueng Khing: steamed fish with giner and chili
  • Pla Thod: Deep fried fish with chili dipping sauce
  • Poo Jaa: steamed crab with pork
  • Poo Kan Chiang Nueng: steamed crab sculls
  • Poo Nueng: Steamed crab with chilies and garlic dipping sauce
  • Poo Ob Phong Ga Ri: Steamed crab with yellow curry powder
  • Poo Pad Phong Ga Ri: Stir-fried crab with curry powder


Stir-fried dishes are typically simple to organize and cook dinner, whereas becoming properly with a wide range of cooking kinds, together with many American approaches to creating dishes. Thai stir-fried dishes typically embody extra intensely flavorful and healthful elements than some frequent stir-fry approaches.

  • Buab Pad Goong Sai Kai: stir-fried sponge gourd with shrimp and egg
  • Chu Chi: stir-fried fish (or shrimp) with kaffir lime leaves, Thai candy basil (Bai Ho Ra Pha) and chu chi chili paste
  • Gai Ho Bai Toey: fried rooster wrapped in pandanus leaf
  • Gai Pad Med Ma Muang Him Ma Paan: stir-fried rooster and cashew nuts
  • Goong Pad Yod Ma Proaw: stir-fried prawns with coronary heart of palm
  • Hoi Lai Pad Ped: stir-fried clams with Thai candy basil (Bai Ho Ra Pha) and roasted chili paste
  • Kai Yad Sai: stir-fried minced pork with chopped vegetable wrapped with fried whisked eggs
  • Num Prig Ong: minced pork in tomato sauce served with varied greens
  • Moo Waan: stir-fried marinated shredded pork (or rooster) in oyster sauce
  • Moo Sup Tod: fried marinated floor pork with onion and spices
  • Pad Khing: stir-fried pork (or rooster) with shredded ginger
  • Pad Kra Phrao: stir-fried floor rooster (or pork) with Thai holy basil (sizzling basil)
  • Pad Kra Tium Prig Thai: stir-fried marinated pork (or rooster) in garlic and white pepper powder
  • Pad Num Prik Pao: stir-fried pork (or rooster) and inexperienced beans with roasted chilli paste
  • Pad Ped Nor Mai: stir-fried pork (or rooster) and bamboo shoots with crimson curry paste
  • Pad Ped Tao Fak Yao Moo: stir-fried inexperienced beans and pork with crimson curry paste
  • Pad Phong Ga Ri: stir-fried seafood (or meat) with curry powder
  • Pad Wun Sen: stri-fried clear noodle with minced pork, black mushroom, egg, onion and inexperienced onion
  • Pla Krug Phong Kari Tod: deep fried fish seasoned with curry


Due to Thailand’s location, circumstances have made Thailand produce a wide range of fruit all year long. Thailand is well-known for its tropical fruits. Many road distributors promote contemporary fruits in slices as one in all many Thais’ snacks. The next are simply to call a number of of the scrumptious Thai fruits.

  • Chom Pu (Rose Apple): it appears like a pear however it’s smaller. It has a inexperienced and pink waxy pores and skin and white contemporary
  • Farang (Guava): it has inexperienced pores and skin with white contemporary. The core has many tiny seeds that have to be eliminated. The style is nice and bitter
  • Ka Midday (Jack Fruit): it’s a giant fruits with greenish and yellowish pores and skin. Its contemporary is a small succulent segments with yellow coloration. It
    is nice fruit
  • Kluay (Banana): there are such a lot of kinds of banana in Thailand, as an example, kluay hom (Gros Michel), kluay kai (Pisang mas), kluay leb mue
    nang and kluay nam wa (Pisang awak). Probably the most well-known kind is kluay nam wa
  • La Mud (Sapodila): each pores and skin and contemporary have a light-weight brown coloration. It has a fairly giant black pit inside. To eat, one should peel the pores and skin off
  • Lam Yai (Longan): it has a brown skinny shell that cracks simply. A black spherical pit is contained in the clear contemporary. The style is nice and
    has a juicy texture
  • Ma Muang (Mango): the favored fruit throughout summer time season. There are hundred kinds of mango. Some are eaten uncooked and a few are eaten ripe
  • Ngo (Rambutan): it has a crimson pores and skin with delicate inexperienced spikes. The contemporary is translucent and style is nice and has a agency texture. Additionally keep away from the
    arduous pit inside
  • Noi Na (Custard Apple or Sugar Apple): the pores and skin is inexperienced however the contemporary is white and candy and really perfume
  • Som Kiaw Waan (Tangerine): it has a skinny, inexperienced pores and skin. It’s a small with a dimension of a tennis ball. The style is nice
  • Som O (Pomelo): it like a grapefruit however it’s larger with a thick mild inexperienced pores and skin. The fragile contemporary has varies coloration relying on the kinds
    of pomelo. Some varieties have a pink coloration, some have yellowish coloration meat
  • Subparod (Pineapple): the considerable pineapple is irresistible. It’s candy and has a pleasant contemporary scent to it
  • Turian (Durian): the pores and skin is thick and has plenty of spikes, however the meat is delicate yellow with pit inside. It has the pungent scent and taste
    which many foreigners discover it too sturdy

This overview of dishes begins to overflow, hinting at what number of potentialities are on the market. Thailand is host to many particular elements, a few of which it’s troublesome to breed on the identical stage elsewhere, however lots of which may be discovered for dishes in a wide range of places world wide. It’s my hope that these lists helped some readers discover new potentialities and supplied a welcome reminder of gratifying dishes to others. Bon appetit!