A Rich Heritage Of Sindhis

Before the partition of India Sindhis lived in Sindh, which is located on the Eastern border of Pakistan. They were divided into sub castes on the basis of their roots in Pakistan. They lived on the banks of the river Sindhu, which is also known as the Indus River.

Many Hindus had to leave Pakistan when partition was announced and many sindhis were among them. All Sindhis were rich in Pakistan but due to the sudden announcement of partition they had to leave their enormous wealth behind along with their houses.

Sindhi people are habitually very good businessmen and they are known for their tact in putting up a business anywhere. The best part of it is that they are very trustworthy people. Sindhi food is very rich and is very tasty. The staple food of Sindhis is Curry Chawal, which is like lentils and rice. ‘Pakoras’ of Sindhis are very famous which are fried vegetables dipped in a paste of gram flour. Nowadays we find Sindhis using less oil to cook but the authentic Sindhi food was very rich and very delicious.

Sindhi people are fond of buying gold and they like to invest in buying land. The ladies had a lot of gold ornaments and other riches as they belonged to a wealthy society. Sindhis had to leave their land as well as their homes and flee from Pakistan and this may be the reason that they still believe in saving their money in the form of gold. Investing in gold is a good way of saving money. The clothes that Sindhi people used to wear reflected their rich cultural heritage. They were made up of rich materials like lama, satin and silk. Moreover it was ritualistic for men to wear a cap on their head and for women to cover their head.

It is spectacular to see that the Hindu and Sikh Sindhis mostly have their surnames that end in ‘ani’. Moreover the first part of the surname is commonly derived from the name of an ancestor. Sindhis believed in living a luxurious life and they always had sufficient resources to live. Their natural aptitude for business makes them good businessmen and they never face shortage of money. That is the reason why Sindhis have once again started establishing their businesses in India and have found a place in the list of rich people.

Sindhi people are fond of rich food, good clothes and are socially very compatible to all other castes. They are well-behaved people. They form an integral part of the Indian Diaspora and are well-known business people. In India, notable Lal Krishna Advani, Acharya Kriplani, K.R. Malkani, Ram Jethmalani are some of the well-known names of sindhi people who have achieved success in different fields. They are the most promising people in business but would feel more at home if they had a state of their own in India too. If all Sindhis join together this could be a reality and soon a new Sindh would be born.

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