A Straightforward Syrup Recipe – Handmade Tangerine Syrup

Straightforward Syrup- Tangerine

I did not know that straightforward syrup was so, perfectly… straightforward. On a latest March early morning, as my two boys sat at the breakfast bar looking at me prepare French Toast, my oldest introduced, “Mother, we should make our have syrup. Healthier syrup like apple syrup.” This received my wheels turning and so I went off in lookup of straightforward syrup recipes.

It failed to get prolonged to come across a genuinely straightforward recipe for blueberry syrup, and as I assumed about my have back property. I have a experienced fruit tree that I assumed was a loquat tree. I went outdoors to verify out the fruit, and uncovered that they were little tangerines. I couldn’t wait around to try out the recipe!


  • one Cup Of Tangerines
  • one Cup Of Sugar

Tools: 5qt pot, flat bottom coffee cup, stirring spoon, strainer, creamer jar…

For the file, we just moved in to this dwelling, so some ‘improvisation’ was important. The coffee cup replaces a foods processor, potato masher or blender, and the creamer jar replaces the Ball jars utilised for canning. * My lack of canning materials is also the cause I only designed one cup of syrup.

First, the young children picked the tangerines appropriate from our tree, and then peeled them. We wound up with a full of four cups of tangerines, but we only utilised one cup to make our syrup. The relaxation received ‘munched.’

Now, I designed a number of ‘mistakes’, (I failed to quite examine the directions on the blueberry syrup recipe all the way by way of,) and I begun to ‘mush’ the tangerines down in a strainer with the bottom of a coffee cup (my blender, potato masher and foods processor were not yet unpacked), and into a bowl. I failed to genuinely care for that, so I begun to try juicing them by hand… I failed to significantly appreciate that possibly, so then I went back and examine the directions on the blueberry recipe.

This is when I put a refreshing cup of tangerines in the 5qt pot, and ‘mooshed’ them all over again with the coffee cup.

I then brought the fruit to a swift boil

Next I strained the remnants into a bowl and blended in the sugar- (another error: I was intended to put it back in the pot, and stir the sugar in, bringing it to a swift boil all over again.)

At last… I poured the contents into the creamer jar…

We all tried using a little flavor on our fingers and it was superior. I poured a little bit into a Ramakan (sp?) and dipped a Saltine cracker in it… also superior. Then I designed some French Toast and put it on that… it was a bit tart.

Next time, I program to use a Agave sugar, and potentially a little brown sugar, and increase cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or a little lemon juice, and perhaps persimmons, to slice down on the tartness.

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