All About Enchiladas – A Famous Mexican Dish

Undeniably, Enchilada is one of the most popular Mexican dishes ever created. In fact, one can easily buy Enchilada along the streets of Mexico hence it is nicknamed as the “simple street food.” Pronounced as “ehn-chee-lah-thahs”, the term enchilada means “dipped in chili” in English. Since the dish is so popular it is only expected that Mexican restaurants from all over the world offer enchiladas with various types of fillings.

Most people describe Mexican cuisine as something that is spicy, colorful, and always prepared with strong and mixed flavor. In general, Mexican cuisine is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Enchilada is a famous Aztec food and was known to have been developed during the 19th century. Aztecs are the people belonging to the ethnic groups of Central Mexico who used the Nahuatl language. The Aztec version of enchilada is made up of chili powder, skimmed milk, eggs, corn, chicken broth, and corn tortillas. Aztec enchilada is very rich in protein and iron.

In addition, the original version of enchilada was made with tortilla that is dipped in a chili sauce and prepared by stuffing cheese, beans, chicken or beef, and even spinach. Through the years, enchilada has been made with several versions. In fact, the enchilada that you can purchase from the streets of Mexico is different from enchilada being served in Mexican restaurants outside Mexico. Usually, enchiladas that are served in Mexican restaurants in other countries are prepared with tortillas that are stuffed with your own choice of fillings and are swimming in melted cheese and red sauce. Instead of being the original crunchy enchilada, these enchiladas are floppy.

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