All I Want for Christmas is You…& Romantic Christmas Presents (christmas Gifts)

There is something inherently romantic about Christmas. Maybe it’s the cold weather that makes us want to snuggle up with our significant other opening Christmas presents in front of a roaring log fire; although the log fire is now more likely to be of the gas variety. Perhaps it’s the way Christmas is just more magical than any other time of year, filled with fairy lights twinkling and candles flickering (just remember that you should never leave a naked flame unattended). Maybe it’s the way we all make bit more effort with our appearance at this time of year as even the most sartorially reserved women sport dresses with enough sequins to allow them to pass themselves off as magicians’ assistants. Or maybe it’s just the abundance of free flowing festive alcohol that puts us in the mood for some kissing under the mistletoe.

What type of romantic Christmas presents you want to buy will depend on what stage your relationship is at. Are you trying to woo a certain special someone with your Christmas presents, who thus far has failed to even acknowledge your existence? Christmas presents are the ideal way to try and catch their attention. If the object of your affection shares the same workplace as you, why not volunteer to organise the Christmas presents for this year’s secret Santa? Imagine your prospective lover’s surprise when they receive a beautifully wrapped, carefully chosen token of your affection instead of the usual selection box or supermarket bought bubble bath. This is your chance to dazzle them with your romantic soul and breathtaking originality in Christmas presents. A Grow It…Chilli Plants Gift Box would be an effective way to say ‘I think you’re hot stuff!’ Or maybe you are planning a Christmas proposal? If so, then you could try hiding the ring in a Christmas cracker, to be pulled at a romantic dinner for two after you have opened your Christmas presents. But make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with the ones you’ll be using for Christmas lunch with your extended family, or great aunty Mildred may end up with your sparkler instead of the more traditional plastic moustache or novelty key ring.

If this is the first Christmas you will be spending with your partner a little effort with your Christmas presents will make sure that it is memorable. By now you will know all of your partner’s likes and dislikes and will be able to choose Christmas presents that will make them glad that you are their very own sexy Santa. If it’s just the two of you on Christmas morning, set the scene with some romantic music on the stereo and champagne and smoked salmon breakfast. A selection of Christmas presents of different sizes is the way to go, from the fun and quirky to something that’s more of an investment, such as jewellery. Really personal Christmas presents are sure to make your partner’s heart melt. For example if you still have the ticket from your first cinema date you could present it to them in a beautiful frame. A word of warning though, if you will be spending Christmas day with the in-laws make sure that you give each other your Christmas presents in private – no-one wants to open a box containing sexy lingerie in front of their mum and dad!

Christmas is also the perfect time to inject a bit of romance into a long term relationship. Show your other half that they are still the love of your life even after all these years by really thinking about what kind of Christmas presents they would enjoy. If they are the kind of chocoholic that would give Willy Wonka a run for his money, go for an indulgent selection they can really get their teeth into. Wine buffs would be sure to appreciate Christmas presents relating to their love of the grape such as really special set of glasses, a fancy corkscrew or even a visit to a vineyard.

Christmas can be a hectic time for families with gifts to wrap and nativity plays, trips to Santa’s grotto and parties to organise. If your partner is feeling the strain, a good way to show that you appreciate them and everything they do is to give really pampering Christmas presents. A photographic makeover with haircut or colour would show your partner that you think they are still supermodel material, even after all these years.