Another Year Older

Where the hell did the Christmas break go? Well here we go into another year traveling the country selling our wares.

We have taken the decision to come off social media, everything you need will be here on our site and in our blog, i plan to post a lot more here with updates. We just found ourselves glued to our phones more than we liked and with this being a lifestyle business it didn’t make sense.

Booking shows is well underway and a list in our events section will be live shortly.

So whats new? Well we have just made our most addictive product ever! Chilli bacon jam, yep its incredible, use it on cheese, burgers, sandwiches etc it will change your life:) And best of all its VEGAN FRIENDLY!!!!

New gift boxes are taking shape we will have smart new boxes with our logo ready early Feb, they look great i’m sure you’ll love them.

Peanut butter has been ordered all 350 kilo of it it should be here end of Jan so hang tight its on its way.

Think that’s all for now.