Back to the grind

Hi all,

Loads to update you on. Firstly we have just come back from two weeks in St Lucia, it was amazing and of course they had loads of hot sauce.






Baron foods are based out there and they do a good hot sauce, its made from habs and has a great flavour and average heat, great for putting on just about everything!

I had a morning Marlin fishing, to say it was choppy is an understatement! 2 of the 4 on the boat were sick as dogs, luckily this was not me…









The picture is me going out, i wasn’t that colour on the way in!! Anyway we caught a Dorado (dolphin fish)









Apart from that we did zip lining in the rain forest, and snorkelling between the pitons, but i won’t bore you with all that! I found the bar though, it was a little weird in St Lucia they are 4 hours behind, so i was watching Man Utd 13:00 ko in the UK at 09:00 over there,  50 inch screens on he wall, free drinks and Reggae music blaring out!








And so were back, my lovely neighbour kept my plants alive, only lost a few, they are getting bigger by the day, if you haven’t seen Iggy’s grow blog check it out here.

This monday i get back to full time making, our first show is at Chatsworth house 21st-22nd April, see our events list for full info.

Speak soon

Woody x