Bean Soup Versatalles Recipe for Good Health

Bean Versatalles Soup Recipe

To save money, I like to cook good food at home. I like saving money, but one area I do not skim on is food quality. I do not care about the cost, keeping your good health is money saving. Buy organically grown foods when possible.

Beans are a excellent source of plant based protein, without the extra animal fat. This makes beans an good food for weight watchers, and low carb counters. Beans can be purchased in your local grocery store's bulk food section. Also, Costco sells large bags of Pinto beans, its the highest quality bean I have ever come across.

My favorite food is hot soup, its especially great comfort food for cold Oregonian weather. I make soup in a 12 quart pot I bought from Ikea, and I freeze the extra in microwave cookware. Soup is a versatile food, you can add almost any vegetable. You can make use of the vegetables that happen to be on sale. I would suggest trying the following vegetables in your next soup; Zucchini, Squash, Green Peppers, Hot Chili Peppers, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, and Sweet Onions. You can make all kinds of delicious soups, with different combinations of ingredients. You can spice up your soups with; Taco spices, curry, soy sauce, and Tabasco. The Jalapeno Green Tabasco is outstanding flavor in soups.

Bean Soup Ingredient List

• Beef or Chicken "Better Than Bouillon" brand (Available at Costco) Soup Base
• Two cans (12.5 ounces each) "Harvest Creek" brand Turkey Meat from Costco
• One Bunch of Celery
• Two Packages of Frozen Veggies (Normandy mix) about 20 ounces total
• One Large Onion
• Optional: One Pound Ground Beef
• 32 Ounces of Dry Black Beans
• 16 Ounces of Lima Beans
• Add water until about 2/3 of the pot's volume

You can experiment by using other beans and grains, too. There are Red Kidney, Lentils, Barley, Navy, Small Red Beans, Rice, Pinto Beans, etc. Its good to try different ingredients to match your own personal tastes, and benefit from different nutritional values. Research on line the benefits of each new ingredient you plan on using.

Begin by sorting (watch for any rocks), and cleaning the Lima, and Black beans, then soak the beans in water for a day. Remember to dump out the water, and add fresh water before cooking the beans. After that, cook the beans on medium-high heat, the beans are ready when they become soft. Cut up the celery, and onion, add to the pot. Continue to cook for about 30 minutes, then add the bouillon (about two to three heaping tablespoon full, use more or less on how strong you want it), and other spices that you like, do not add any extra salt. You can add salt later at the table, otherwise, the salt will concentrate as water boils off, so saltier taste. Next add the turkey meat, and frozen veggies. Bring the soup to a solid boil, and then, turn off the stove. Its ready to eat. If you use raw meat, remember to cook it well.

You can let the soup cool, and later separate into smaller containers for freezing. I like to take the frozen soup to work for lunch. So live healthier, and spend less money. Cook delicious food at home, get moderate exercise, eat soup and feel better.

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