Best Chili Recipes-A Crock Pot Chili Recipe That You Can Easily Make At Home !

Do you have a crock pot in a closet or kitchen cabinet someplace in your house? Are you a throwback to the 70’s? I am! But what the hey! When was the last time that you used it to actually cook something? The crock pot is not some old “fad” that has come and gone you know! The crock pot is alive and well today! Just take a look at how it has evolved over the years when you go to the big retail outlets in your town. I remember when they were strictly “manually” operated. A manual knob for warm, medium and high. Today, they are all glitzed up with fancy electronic controls and readouts. Today, they are like the crock pots that you would expect on the starship Enterprise! The crock pot is not a lazy way of cooking, on the contrary it is so efficient as to be able to prep the ingredients you want then put them in the crock in the morning and when you get home, viola! dinner is served. It is an economical way of cooking. If you are a chili lover as I am then you know that the crock pot is a great way to make your best chili recipes quickly and easily! So let’s make some chili shall we!

The ingredients:

3 pounds of steak. You can use round, flank, skirt, chuck if on a budget. Any cut you want. I like to cube and shred the meat for texture purposes.

1 15oz can of beans. Any will do, kidney, small red beans, pinto beans. No white beans for this recipe though!1 large onion finely chopped either a brown or red onion the choice is yours.

1 large green bell pepper finely chopped.
4 bulbs of garlic finely chopped.
1 small can 6-8 oz tomato sauce.
1 small can 6-8 oz tomato paste.
1 6-7 oz can of diced green chilies.
1 big can 28oz of fire roasted tomatoes plain or with green chilies mixed in or 6 to 8 large tomatoes that you have roasted on the BBQ.

1 tablespoon of California chili powder.
1 tablespoon of New Mexico chili powder.
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika.
1 1/2 teaspoon of cumin.
3 tablespoons of olive oil.
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt or season salt.

OK, Let’s get cooking!

I love large skillets! my fave is a cast iron skillet. I am old fashioned that way! So, get a large skillet and put your beef in it to brown it up  in the 3 tablespoons of olive oil. When the beef is all browned it is time to toss it into the crock pot and then toss the rest of your ingredients in there as well! Cook this mixture for 6 to eight hours, and if you are home at the time then taste it every now and again to see if you want to add something to it or not! As an aside as always I suggest cooking this mixture or any chili recipe a day in advance as the flavors get to mingle together, but if that is not possible that is OK too! This meal is ready to eat and enjoy!