Bottled Sushi Ingredients You Need to Make Sushi

While some of the bottled ingredients used in sushi making may be familiar to many people, like soy sauce, most of them, like Mirin, are suitable to sushi recipes only. Once opened most of these bottling ingredients should be refrigerated until needed later.

The following bottled items for making sushi are listed below.

Thick Chili Sauce

Not normally thought of when making sushi, chili sauce has become a staple in most sushi bars. The most popular and best tasting is called Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.


Or sweet cooking Sake. It has about 8% alcohol and is slightly syrupy and sweet. It heightens the sweetness of your roll and provides a shiny sheen to the presentation.

Plum Wine

A perfect complement to any sushi dinner. Some people prefer to drink Sake with their sushi, while others prefer this sweet, fruity spirit.

Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu is used when the recipe calls for a lighter, brighter soy sauce for dishes such as delicate fish rolls. It is made from Yuzu, a lemon colored, tangerine shaped citrus. Since Yazu is quite expensive and hard to find, you can make your own Ponzu sauce by combining lemon, lime and grapefruit with soy sauce.

Rice Vinegar

Used in the making of the sushi rice, it provides the clean, crispy vinegar recipe that sushi rice requires. Try to find the best Rice vinegar you can in your local Asian market. In a pinch you can substitute apple cider vinegar, but the sushi enthusiast will know the difference.


Or Japanese pepper. It is the stripped and ground pods of the prickly ash tree. It has a more minty, citrusy taste than a spicy hot seasoning. Freeze the opened bottle if you do not use it often.

You can round out your bottled sushi ingredients with the more common Sake and soy sauce to complete what you need for most sushi recipes. As always, before going shopping, know what ingredients you will be using for the sushi you plan on making soon.

Source by Steve J Gerwig

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