Chicken With Bacon, Banana, and Peanuts

There’s so much you can do with chicken. This is a quite original dish containing banana and peanuts. It’s originally a Swedish dish called “Flygande Jakob” which means “Flying Jacob”  in English. The name derives from the founder of the recipe, Ove Jakobsson who was a flight freight manager. The recipe reached the magazines in 1975. The original version is supposed to be oven baked but takes significantly longer. This version of the dish can be made directly on the stove and will take less than 30 minutes to complete. A great recipe for the whole family. The kids love the combination of banana and peanuts.

2 servings


2 chicken breast fillets
1 cup whipping cream
0.5 lbs bacon
1 banana
0,2 cups peanuts
2 tbsp chili sauce
Mix of herbs


Slice the chicken breasts in cubes. Fry the chicken cubes and add salt and pepper. When the chicken is getting ready, add whipping cream and simmer until the cream is starting to get bubbly. Slice the banana and put it in the frying pan along with the other ingredients. Add some extra salt and pepper, some chili sauce and herbs. You can either fry the bacon separately until it’s crispy and then put it in the main pan or add it directly to the frying pan with the other ingredients.

Last but not least, add the peanuts and stir.

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Good luck with your “Flying Jacob”!