Chili Cottage Cheese

Hmm …. This is yummy! You can eat it as it is or mix it with roti's or rice or bread. The best part is that you can add you own feel to it every time you make it.

Cut the cottage cheese in different shapes, Vary the amount of sauces and sugar you use to get a different taste, Decorate it with ingredients that are not mentioned.

Cornflour – 1.5Tbsp

Flour – same as cornflour

Salt -To taste

Cottage Cheese 150 grms

Tomato Sauce – depends on your taste, for me, I'll take 2 tbsp initially and add on for more taste, if needed

Chili Sauce – depends on your taste and the spiciness of the chili sauce you use. I'll take 1 tbsp

Soy Sauce – Be on the safe side and take 2 tbsp and add on if you need more color or taste

Chillies (green / red) – 3-5 depending on the spiciness of the chillies

Garlic – optional and a pinch full

Capsium – as many as you like, do not overdo it though!

Vinegar – 1/2 tbsp

Sugar – to taste

Pepper – to taste

Water – 3-4tbsp

Mix first three ingredients together with water. This is to coat the cottage cheese. So make sure that the batter doesnt turn too watery or too thick.

Cut the cottage cheese in shapes you like. The size should be bite sized. Coat it with the batter prepared earlier and deep fry thill golden brown. '

Keep aside

In a separate pan, heat oil (as required) and fry the chillies and the garlic. Toss in the capsicum.

Add a pitch of salt, pepper and sugar. Top it up with the sauces and vinegar.

Add in the cottage cheese to mix with the sauces.

Add in some coriander leaves for the color and the aroma.

Serve hot.

Source by Wahi S

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