Chili Pepper Seeds – How to Achieve the Best Germination Rates


Many people wrongly believe that growing hot chilli peppers from seed is extremely difficult and only for experienced gardeners. In fact the reality is that chilis are relatively easy to grow and are a great fun way to get into gardening or expand your existing gardening knowledge and try something new.

Germinating chili seeds requires two main requirements; heat and moisture. Without either of these two you will find that your germination rate tumbles.

Moisture is a key requirement to kick start the seeds into life. It is essential that your growing medium is maintained at a relatively high moisture level (though not wet). Be sure to check the soil twice a day and if a little dry spray with a fine mist of water (as opposed to pouring water on which can water log your growing medium). A great way to get a head start in the germination process is to pre soak your pepper seeds over night in water. This helps to soften the shell or seed casing and will almost certainly help you speed up the germination of your chillies.

Heat is the second key requirement during pepper germination. Chinese varieties such as poblano or bhut jolokia require warmer temperatures than annum varieties and other vegetables. Aim to keep your seeds at around 30oC if possible. If you do not have a heated propagator some great places to put your seeds trays include on top the the refrigerator, on top of your pc monitors, in the airing cupboard, pretty much anyway that provides a good constant supply of heat. Remember that until germination has occurred the seeds do not require light so germination can take place in a pitch black area, so long as it is warm!


Source by James McKerr

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