Chilli plant food

So your seedlings and small plants are doing well and now its time to give them a feed, but what do you feed chilli plants?

Well there are a few products you can use. The first is general tomato feed from any good garden centre, you don’t need a good brand any will do. Chillis being very like chillis thrive on this, just use per the dosage on the back of the bottle.

tomato feed

Another product out there is called chilli focus, a lot of people i know use this, im not convinced it does anything better than tomato feed but its regarded as good stuff.

Chilli plant food

And lastly you can make your own chilli food. Grab loads of stinging nettles place them in a bucket and cover with water. Place a lid over and wait a week or so, you should be left with a black liquid which your chilli plants will love.