Chilli Vodka Recipe

Chilli Vodka
Last year I tried slicing a medium sized Fatalii pod and putting it into a
bottle of vodka, then leaving it in the fridge for two months (you know it
is ready because the chilli slices sink to the bottom) to flavour the vodka
After two months it was tasted and if you like Fataliis you would love
this full Fatalii taste with a Fatalii after burn
I filled up a few 60ml bottles for friends to taste and the feed back was
positive (i.e. “you got anymore?”).
This method of flavouring vodka has also been tried with Bhut Jolokia and Early jalapeno and I found the
Bhut Jolokia to be a little over powering.
So if you ever find yourself with a spare chilli, a bottle of alcohol and a wicked sense of humor you know
what to try