Cili Fertigasi in Malaysia

‘Cili Fertigasi’ is the malay spelling for chilli fertigation. Several years ago, modern and young farmers in Malaysia has opted into a new way of farming by using fertigation technique. Various types of crops have been tried with this method and has yielded better results in economic returns rather than the conventional method of planting chillies.

Farming nowadays is seen as an alternative source of income rather than working in offices as young executives. Modern farming and ‘cili fertigatisi’ or chilli fertigation has become an attraction to fresh graduates to get involve in this lucrative business. In Malaysia nowadays, modern farming is now considered as a ‘business’ instead of just a traditional village work. It is a popular trade as the market price for fertigated chilli has risen from RM1 per kilogram into RM20-25 per kilogram in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur.

Just imagine the amount of money a fresh graduate can yield from 1 acre plot of land. Easily RM3,000 to RM6,000 permonth from modern farming works. The future is bright for ‘Cili Fertigasi’ in Malaysia. Several local companies run by the earlier breed of chilli fertigation farmers or ‘usahawan’ are currently offering training programs with several package to help apprentice farmers to get the right quick start into this fertigation business.

Financial institution is also currently making agro-based loans available to help these young entrepeneuers finance their projects.

There is no reason not to start chilli fertigation. Even draft paperworks for setting up your very own ‘Cili Fertigasi’ business is made available online and you can easily reuse and customize these paperworks to gain approval from financial institution.

Graduates are adviced to give some consideration and look into modern chili fertigation farming as another lucrative business that they can venture.

Cili Fertigasi in Malaysia is growing in the rural area of the country and you can take part in this process too.