Classic Menudo Recipe – The Unofficial Hangover Heal of Texas and Mexico

Even though menudo came to Texas from the Mexican point out of Sonora, tripe stew may perhaps be extra well-known on the Texas facet of the border than everywhere else in Mexico. Texans have labeled menudo the “Breakfast of Champions” because if its reputed capability to remedy a hangover.

Cooking menudo can be a prolonged, time-consuming process, with the preparing and cleansing of the tripe being the most challenging. The final results, nonetheless, to individuals that have had a great bowl of menudo in their life span, will inform you it is all well worth it.

one cup Kosher salt
one cup white vinegar
two kilos honeycomb tripe

Be sure and get honeycomb tripe, because it is the most tender of all versions of tripe. It is nevertheless relatively rough, and demands prolonged, sluggish cooking.

The working day ahead of setting up to serve it, clean the tripe comprehensively. Blend alongside one another the salt and vinegar, and pour about one/3 of the mixture into a huge bowl. Insert the tripe. Scrub the tripe with a brush. The rough kosher salt will act as an abrasive for cleansing the tripe. Rinse the tripe beneath chilly h2o, and repeat the process two extra situations. Transfer the tripe to a bowl and protect with chilly h2o. Place in the fridge, lined, for at least 8 hours. Change the h2o at least once all through the process.   


six cups unsalted hen stock
two tablespoons corn or canola oil
two huge onions, chopped
four to six garlic cloves
two to four serrano chiles, minced
two jalapenos, minced
one smoked ham hock
two tablespoons high-quality chile powder
one tablespoon dried Mexican oregano
one fourteen one/two to sixteen-ounce can white or yellow hominy
one/two teaspoon floor black pepper
one/two cup chopped cilantro
salt to flavor
lime wedges

Eliminate the tripe from the fridge and drain it. Slash it into chunk-dimensions parts, and area the parts in a huge, significant saucepan or stockpot. Deal with with chilly h2o, and deliver to a quick boil in excess of higher heat. Boil the tripe for 30 minutes. Drain the h2o and reserve the tripe.

Rinse and dry the stockpot and return it to the stove. Insert the oil, flip the heat to medium, and add the onions, garlic, and serrano chiles. Saute right until the greens are smooth, then add back the tripe. Insert the ham hock and hen stock, and simmer in excess of lower heat for about 3 hours.

Eliminate the ham hock, discarding any bones or huge parts of unwanted fat. Shred the meat from the ham hock, and reserve it. Insert the chile powder, salt, pepper, oregano, and hominy. Simmer on lower for a further hour, or right until the stew has cooked down and the tripe is tender. The tripe will nevertheless be a tiny chewy. Return the ham hock meat and add the cilantro.

Provide the menudo warm in huge bowls with the wedges of lime. The menudo will maintain in the fridge for several days.

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