Clear Consuming Concepts for Times Amongst Meals

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1oz very low fat cheese

one/2 orange


1oz turkey breast

6 peanuts


3oz organization tofu

one one/2 cup broccoli and eco-friendly peppers


one/2 rooster breast

one peach

3 olives


one/4 cup cottage cheese /With Salsa


2oz turkey breast

one/2 cup grapes


one/2 tbsp guacamole wrapped in turkey

Sliced carrots


2 oz tofu combined in with

one/2 a potato


2 oz turkey sliced

one/3 cup wild rice

sliced eco-friendly peppers


2 tricky boiled eggs (only one yolk)

one/2 an apple

3 almonds


one/2 fitness focus rooster wrap


beef wrap or breakfast burrit


Costco Tuna Snack Kit


  one/2 cup cottage cheese

one/2 cup of uncooked vegetables


2 rooster breast slices

one/2 an apple


3/4 cup of home made chili


one/2 cup lean ground beef combined up with boiled potatoes and combined vegetables


2 strips turkey bacon

one/2 cup strawberries

3 almonds


4 egg whites

one piece of whole grain dry toast

one /2 glass orange juice


4 one/2 oz seafood (shrimp crab lobster)

one/3 cup of rice (wild or white)

one/2 an apple


3 oz of cooked rooster (sliced)

one/2 cup of rice (white or wild)

3 pieces of broccoli


4 oz of fish fillet of your selection

one cup cooked asparagus

one/2 cup potato or rice


4 oz rooster breast

one cup vermicelli noodles

Mild dressing with peanut oil



DO NOT MAKE A Fantastic Amongst Meal SNACK AS THEY DIGEST Far too Speedy.

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