Cooking Poultry in the Slow Cooker

Of all the meats you can cook in a crock-pot, poultry is probably the one that benefits the most from the slow, low temperature-cooking indicative of slow cookers. If given several hours in which to marinate in the juices and seasonings, your poultry will come out of your Crock Pot not just flavorful but tender and falling off the bone.

One suggestion for cooking poultry in your Crock Pot is chicken wings and your favorite barbecue sauce, watered down a bit to cover the meat. Instead of using water to "water down" the barbecue sauce, how about some Burgundy Wine or Cabernet Sauvignon, lending a certain continental flair to your meal? The same could be done for chicken thighs or boneless breasts, though with the thighs, a dark meat, maybe a nice blush?

Although chicken foods are always a favorite, if you have guests coming and prefer something that "looks" more labor intensive, how about a nice Chicken Marsala? Mix together some flour, salt and pepper to use as a coating for the boneless chicken breasts. Lightly brown the chicken in some olive oil and place in the crock-pot. With the juices and flour, add some Marsala wine and mushrooms, stirring until a nice gravy is formed. Add this to the crock-pot as well and let simmer for about 5 hours on low. Serve on a bed of your favorite pasta, though I suggest either Angel Hair or Linguini.

For a Middle Eastern flavor, how about a nice Chicken Satay, which will do very well in the crock-pot? While traditionally considered a skewer type meal, Satay is a wonderful meal, on or off the stick. Simply flatten four chicken breasts, a cup of soy sauce, some sugar to taste, about a teaspoon, pepper to taste, roughly two tablespoons of curry powder, and several cloves of minced garlic to taste. If you'd like a little citrus tang, add either lime or lemon juice to the mix. Stir all together into the crock-pot and set on low for five to six hours. When you return home to the delicious aroma of curry, make a fast and wonderful dip for the Satay in the form of peanut sauce. Peanut sauce can be made by simply combining peanut butter, lemon or limejuice, minced garlic, some water, brown sugar and a bit of ginger to taste. This can be heated on the stove or in the microwave, however you prefer though some cooks will add it directly to the meal.

As previously previously, poultry and crock-pots just seem to go together in an extremely good way, helping you to create delicious, easy to make poultry meals for your family. Crock Pot meals do not have to be plain to be made in a crock-pot, with the only thing standing between and your out of the ordinary meals from the crock-pot is your imagination. Do not be afraid to try something new in the way of cooking as it is like Harriet Van Horne (1930's and 40's newspaper columnist and movie critic) says, "Cooking is like love. . "

Source by Lisa Paterson

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