Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese: For That Great Tasting Gourmet Meal Everyday

Do you think that having a Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese everyday is expensive? Well, you will be surprised at how you can actually include this cheese to your everyday meal. There are at least 700 varieties of French cheeses and Cru Blanc Camembert is based on the use of raw unpasteurized milk. This soft ripened raw milk cheese is creamy and full of flavor. Cru Blanc is really a raw milk gem. Frenchman invented the process of making raw milk cheese that ruined most of the world’s cheese but in the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration has mandated to use pasteurized milk for all dairy products to avoid the bacteria called Listeria. It is an obscure food-borne bacterium that can kill babies who are not yet born. However, most mothers or pregnant women don’t feed or drink on raw milk-cheese, as it is clear in the products labeling and doctors would never recommend it to them. There is actually nothing dangerous about raw milk cheese. Every study suggests that raw milk cheeses, if proper standards are maintained, are actually safer than pasteurized cheese. In pasteurized cheese, all the microbes are killed. The good and bad bacteria are being eliminated, so if a bacteria attack the cheese after it leaves the factory, it is defenseless. In raw milk cheese, there is a natural and living balance of good and bad bacteria of which the good defends you against the bad.

Today in the U.S. there are some shops that are selling pasteurized Camembert. However, the Camembert, like Cru Blanc, should be made from raw milk. Camembert cheese is perfect when you cut them and the crusty layer in the center is thick as a knife’s blade. If there is no crusty layer then it is a little too ripe. This cheese should be stored upside down to preserve the beauty of the top of the cheese when served. Ideally, this cheese should never be put in the fridge. If you do, take it out at least an hour before eating.

Gourmets say that the best time for eating Camembert cheese is during the late spring and early summer. This creamy raw milk cheese will bring additional flavor to your appetizers and dishes that you will be cooking. You can serve this with some crackers and use it as a spread. You can mix it with pears and cranberries. This can also greatly complement as a side dish, you can try creamed Camembert. If you haven’t tried this delectable creamy cheese, try one now. There are cheese shops that offer authentic, genuine Cru Blanc Camembert Cheese. So what are you waiting for? Log on to the Ideal Cheese website for that ultimate gourmet experience everyday. They also have ideal cheese board selection where you can try their top 4 selected cheeses at a lower price.

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