Different Packaged Cheese Types and Their Uses

Cheese, like chocolate, is perhaps one of the most popular and well-liked food in most cultures and countries worldwide. Like other dairy products, cheese’s soft, creamy taste appeals to people of all ages, contributing to its fame. For cheese lovers out there, here are some facts about different packed cheese types and their uses.

Cheese slices. Classic sliced cheese is commonly used in burgers, sandwiches, and bread rolls to complement meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. Cheese’s rich, salty taste balances the tang of tomatoes and onions, the freshness of lettuce and cabbage, and the juicy flavor of meat and sausages. Cheese slices may also be used as ingredients in noodles, salads, and other food dressings.

Cheese cubes. These packaged cheeses are usually used in cooking. Most recipes require cheese to add to overall flavor. Pre-cut, cubed cheese offers convenience so the cook won’t have to spend extra time cutting them. When cooking a recipe with cheese, experts recommend that you should not expose the cheese to high heat for too long, as it may curdle, toughen, or separate. Cubed cheese can also be a good snack for kids, as it contains calcium necessary for teeth and bone-building.

Cheese spreads. This type of packaged cheese is also popular for snacks. Like cheese slices, these are commonly used in sandwiches and burgers. Cheese spreads may also be eaten like a filling in bread, or like chutney in open sandwiches or with fried food. Most food manufacturers make these from a cheese block, and then incorporate different ingredients like pimiento or chili for variety.

Cheese block. Like cheese cubes, a cheese block may also be used as an ingredient in cooking. For example, you can melt it with vegetables and create more delicious meals your family, especially the kids, will surely love. Cheese blocks can also be cut into cubes, or grated on top of dishes like curry, spaghetti, or other favorite pasta dishes, to create more flavorful and tasty meals.

Cheese and meat packages. As you have probably concluded, cheese goes perfectly with meat. This is why most manufacturers and packaging companies have cheese and sausage gift baskets that people buy in bulk during the Holidays. Cheese offers richness in variety when it comes to food, and in general enriches people’s gastronomic experience.