Do-it-yourself Pest Sprays – Creating Your Own Natural and organic Insecticide

The secure way to deal with pests and insects on your plants, in your nursery, your backyard garden and around your property! Make confident you check your do-it-yourself sprays on a conspicuous part of your plants 1st, ahead of spraying all your plants completely.

Which property designed insect spray on what insect?

Aphids – Alcohol spray, Nicotine spray, Garlic spray, Tomato Leaf spray, Potato Leaf spray, Warm spray
Mealybugs – Alcohol
Scale – Alcohol, Nicotine (smooth/youthful scale only)
Thrips – Alcohol, Nicotine
Whitefly – Alcohol, garlic, sizzling
Fungus gnats – Nicotine
Leafhoppers – Nicotine, Garlic
Leafminers – Nicotine
Earwigs – Garlic
Earworm – Tomato Leaf / Potato Leaf
Spidermite – Warm
Caterpillar – Warm

Alcohol spray

Use 1-2 cups of rubbing alcoholic beverages (70%) to 1L of drinking water. Examination the spray on some bottom leaves of your plants 1st to make confident it can be secure and doesn’t burn the foliage. Sometimes Alcohol spray can bring about leaf harm on Violets or Apple Trees. Functions effectively on a lot of types of plants, which include dwelling plants and tropical plants.

Nicotine spray

Nicotine spray is exceptionally harmful to insects. You can make it by either soaking 1 cup of tobacco leaves (of the tobacco plant), cigarette butts, or rolling tobacco in 4L of heat drinking water. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to bind it all alongside one another, and act as a foliage sticker + spreader. Pressure the liquid immediately after it has soaked for an hour or so. Spray the foliage thoroughly underneath and on the prime. Nicotine spray functions as a systemic pesticide, and stays energetic for many weeks. Be cautious with your greens, and do not spray them when you might be organizing on harvesting the greens inside of the month.

Garlic spray

Garlic spray functions miracles as insecticide and has been tested to work versus fungi as effectively. Mince 10 cloves of garlic in some vegetable oil for at least a total working day. When it has soaked, increase some dishwashing liquid and ½ L of drinking water. The dishwashing liquid allows the oil combine with the drinking water. Stir effectively and strain. Use 2 tblsp of the garlic combine for every 1/2 L of drinking water, and spray plants thoroughly.

Warm spray

Mix 1 teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce with 4 cloves of garlic and 1L of drinking water. Permit is soak for at least a working day, ahead of straining it.

Tomato Leaf spray / Potato Leaf spray

Both tomato plants and potato plants are members of the nightshade family, which have a harmful, drinking water soluble compound in their foliage. You make this do-it-yourself insect spray by soaking 2 cups of chopped tomato leaves, or potato leaves (whichever you choose or is much more conveniently offered) in 2 cups of drinking water for a working day, ahead of straining the liquid. Spray each prime and bottom of the leaves of your plants for safety.

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