Enjoy the Flavor of Delicious Indian Curry

When we talk about Indian cuisine then the first thing which comes in our mind is Indian curry. Indian curry food is one of the best examples of spices, herbs and exotic flavors. It is prepared in a very special way using hot peppers. If you have never tasted the curry then you are really missing something. There are many types of curry based on the region of India.

Generally people use vegetable oil for preparing curry. But those people who reside in west and north use groundnut oil. Whereas people of east use mustard oil and in south coconut oil is mainly used.

The curry of northern India is rich in dairy products like butter, yogurt and milk which give a nice balance between mild and spicy. The people of eastern part prefer sweeter taste in their curry. And in southern India curry have coconut taste and they add flavor to your food.

Indian curry recipe includes different unique ingredients such as chili powder, turmeric, garamasala and cumin but if you want a good curry then your onion base should be good because this only add taste in your curry. You can also use chopped tomatoes in your curry it can be a good foundation piece. You can use flour or milk to make the gravy thicker. Making a good Indian curry needs lot of preparation. There are different varieties of ingredients which you can use in curry to improve the taste.

In Indian curry food you can find many recipes both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Chicken is most popular dish in non-vegetarian food and fried chicken is one of the famous recipes in chicken items. But if you want to try something unique then you can have curry chicken. If you have fried chicken with curry then it will create texture sensation and unique taste. You will feel your tongue is in heaven. You will be delighted after enjoying curry.

You can enjoy the taste of curry chicken at any time of the day whether in your lunch or dinner. There are many chicken recipes but curry chicken is the most versatile. Using curry you can cook many alternatives.

Indian curry food is also made of different vegetables and you can have it with rice or naan. You can make curry easily for any occasion. You can also add new ingredients which will give you the whole new dimensions.

You can enjoy the taste of curry in an Indian restaurant also. You can select the restaurant according to your taste and the type of curry you want to enjoy. The flavor of Indian curry will give your taste bud a great pleasure.