Expanding Rhubarb – The Simple Way

All rhubarb types have a deep root program and choose to mature in cost-free draining, fertile soil, and in partial shade.

Just before planting your rhubarb dig in excess of the soil and take out any stones you uncover, also add as a great deal organic and natural subject as feasible. Rhubarb are a hungry plant.

How to plant

It truly is feasible to mature rhubarb from seed or as a plant purchased from a local back garden centre. If you mature your rhubarb from seed it will choose a year for a longer period to make stalks to eat, but the vegetation usually are not constantly confirmed to be a accurate type of rhubarb. Consequently it can be proposed to invest in a one-year-aged plant, also regarded as a ‘crown’, this way you are confident to get a plant which is powerful and condition-cost-free.
Pick out a range that is appropriate for your measurement of back garden.

Plant your rhubarb in late autumn to early winter season. Dig a hole a minor wider than the plant. The depth should be that the top of the plant is at, or just under the soil floor. Put the rhubarb plant in the hole and agency the soil about and water perfectly.

Spacing concerning rhubarb vegetation should be about 75cm (30in) for smaller types, and up to 120cm (48in) for more substantial types.

After the leaves have died down you can unfold a new layer of compost or aged horse manure about the plant to conserve water and suppress weeds. Always useless-head the bouquets promptly following they show up in the early spring, as these will weaken the plant.


To maintain your rhubarb vegetation nutritious, they should be divided each five or six many years during winter season, when they are dormant. It truly is ordinarily feasible to split the plant into 3 or 4 different crowns with a spade. You have to make confident that every single crown has an ‘eye’, or a large bud – as this is the pursuing year’s shoot.

It truly is ideal to let your rhubarb create for the 1st year prior to choosing any rhubarb. The pursuing year you can start off to pull some of the major stalks, choosing starts off from Might to August.

Stalks are picked by a gently twist and pull from the base of the plant. Never eat the leaves as they consist of oxalic acid and are toxic.

Expanding ideas

Rhubarb does not put up with from many illnesses. But crown rot is the primary menace, specifically if soil disorders are wet. The fungal an infection comes about at the base of the crown and turns brown and comfortable.

The vegetation suffering from crown rot should be dug up and thrown away promptly. You can keep away from crown rot if you plant rhubarb in fertile, perfectly-drained, weed-cost-free soil.


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