Fire Foods Chicken Satay Skewers



  • 4x boneless chicken breasts
  • 2x tablespoons oil (vegetabe, groundnut or
  • sesame are prefferable)
  • 4x tablespoons ‘fire foods’ crunchy chilli peanut
  • butter
  • approx 12 wooden or metal skewers


  1. pre-heat grill or bbq
  2. in a bowl combine oil and ‘fire foods’ crunchy chili peanut butter to a paste
  3. cut chicken in to 1cm cubes
  4. place chicken in paste and marinade for 1 hour or longer if required
  5. once chicken is marinaded place on skewers (ensure wooden skewers have been
    soaked in water first) maybe adding your favourite vegetables between
    chicken cubes.
  6. place under grill or on bbq turning frequently until chicken is cooked (approx
    10-15 mins)
  7. serve with rice and salad