Here is a selection of Fire foods videos. Sit back and enjoy, just don’t spill your tea or coffee over your keyboard.




A great video shot with Des from Eastender, featuring the worlds hottest curry challenge!



We have been on CBBC. The Dare devil is a kids tv show where family members have to do dares. You will see Page from team chaos attempt to eat a range of chillis from mild to wild.


This video sees Men Vs Food UK try the worlds hottest curry challenge, be sure to watch till the very end for a nasty surprise! The guys also try a few other products including the Vodkilla, in all my years i have never seen anyone try and catch there own vomit!

Next up are three lads that try the curry at home. Excuse the swearing but they were in a lot of pain. Once again a classic last few seconds of the video, you will laugh out loud!


A curry challenge with rules! The guy behind the camera is a bad bad man.


We made BBC Breakfast news early 2010, please excuse the shirt!!!