Five Easy Steps to Perfect Lasagna

Lasagna is one of everyone’s favorite dishes, and lasagna done right is a masterpiece of culinary genius in my opinion. Even the most hardened of in laws can’t help but devour this tasty dish, and with a little effort you’ll be the talk of the potluck. Just follow these five simple rules to success and your well on your way to pasta greatness.

  1. Fresh High Quality Pasta Noodles – These are one of the best things to invest in when you are going to all the work of homemade lasagna. You can actually make the noodles yourself for the freshest result, and that is a great project to undertake while your sauce is simmering. The recipe itself is unimportant, simply the freshness of the pasta.
  2. Homemade Meat Sauce – It is ridiculous to go to the trouble of hand worked noodles only to pour Prego over the top of it. Start with fresh hamburger, brown this with chopped onions, tomatoes, yellow pepper, and fresh Italian herbs. I like those little button mushrooms as well, I can get them fresh from my neighbor. Add two cans of tomato sauce, two tablespoons chili powder, two cloves fresh garlic (crushed) and some salt and pepper to taste. This should simmer over low heat for at least an hour and a half.
  3. Soft, High Quality Cheeses – I shred a huge amount of cheddar cheese, about a two and a half pound brick, and layer that between the noodles and sauces, don’t buy pre shredded cheese it will be too dry and old. It is too old to become a quality product. I slice the mozzarella cheese into eighth of an inch slices thick and give each portion a healthy dose of it. I don’t scrimp on the cheese, because this makes the best lasagna and the way it crisps in the oven will blow your mind. Unlike many recipes, mine doesn’t include the use of ricotta cheese. I am not a fan of the texture in the mix.
  4. The Layering Process of the Ingredients – This lasagna is a structured dish, and this is no time to get sloppy with all your hard work. Sauce, then cheddar shredded cheese, then noodles, then the mozzarella cheese. And repeat, it’s that easy, apply the layers liberally and like I said, don’t be stingy with the cheese, and on the very top layer, add another thick layer of shredded cheddar under the mozzarella for crisping effect.
  5. Bake the Lasagna – About three hundred and fifty degrees for an hour or two, until all the cheeses in the middle are melted and bubbly, make sure you fold tin foil over the top so the top doesn’t burn.

Source by Susan Styles

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