Frank’s RedHot Xtra Hot

Having tried Frank’s Red Hot Original… which I thought had a great taste, but very little heat, I was pleased to come across Frank’s Red Hot Xtra Hot. This is just one of a varied range of  Cayenne pepper sauces from Frank’s Red Hot, which includes a chilli & lime, a thick , a sweet chilli, and three different Buffalo wing varieties as well as the original.   

         Frank's RedHot Xtra Hot    INGREDIENTS: Aged Cayenne Red Peppers (40%),   Vinegar, Water, salt and Garlic Powder.

That’s it, very straight forward ingedients.

It comes in a neat bottle, that fits snug in the hand… which tempted me to drink straight from the bottle !!!

Upon opening the bottle, the aroma is definitely acidic, though not too vinegary. There is a very slight smokey smell, which I presume comes from the Aged Cayennes. Consistancy is quite runny, which makes it ideal as a pouring sauce. The flavour is not great, in my opinion, as the vinegar is quite overpowering and I think it could handle more garlic in it…. However there is a fair bit of heat, which hits the tongue, lips and back of the throat. It gives what I would call, a pleasant burn/tingle which lasts a couple of minutes… bearing in mind, that I like really hot sauces. Not as tasty as the Original, but definitely hotter… I would recommend using this as a basting sauce or maybe as a base for a marinade.


HEAT:         5/10