Free Soul Food Recipes Growing Controversy – Healthy Vs Traditional Soul Food Recipes

There’s a quiet controversy growing on more websites featuring free soul food recipes that’s starting to catch the attention of more industry experts and watchdogs. The battle is increasing between the health conscious and the traditionalist who resist the changing landscape and direction soul food cooking is going in.

The healthy recipe crowd has formed a crusade of using healthier ingredients and eliminating traditional soul food recipes, which contain high calories, sodium and fat. For example, those ingredients they’re attempting to eliminate include fat back, ham hocks, bacon and other pork products that have been traced to many health ailments. For instance, high blood pressure, strokes, obesity and other medical ailments.

The traditional soul food recipe crowd have their own complaints. They complain that taking away traditional ingredients will also take away what has made southern cooking famous. The robust flavors, smells and most important taste that made this popular southern cuisine world famous will be loss forever. They predict bland food, bland eating and watered down recipes.

The two schools of thought have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to taste and health. The side that currently has the strongest momentum is the health conscious crowd. This side represents the younger generation, who is less tied to tradition and more concerned about their diets and eating healthy than the older generation. When it comes to southern cooking, traditional southern cuisine is almost like a religion to some people.

The answer many traditionalist have is to eat in moderation and exercise but keep the traditional southern cooking intact. They claim by doing this soul food recipe lovers get the best of both worlds.

As strong as this debate appears to grow, many experts believe the deciding factor will come from a neutral third party. This deciding factor will unemotionally choose which side will come out ahead in this controversy. What’s that you ask? It’s time, Yes. Eventually time will decide who will prevail. Stay tuned!

Source by Roy Primm

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