Getting the Best Dining Experience with a Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Vegans don’t have to deal with boring and tasteless dishes all the time. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean sacrificing taste for health benefits. One way to prove that the stereotype is wrong is through a vegetarian chili recipe. A vegetarian chili recipe is simply packed with both taste and health benefits.

Chili Pepper

It is not clear where chili peppers exactly came from. It is clear though that from the time of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers to this day, chili peppers have become one of the most sought after spices.

Chili peppers come from several pepper species with varying intensities of hotness and flavor. A chili pepper’s hottness can range from the slightly sweet bell pepper or from the completely mild to the extremely hot habanero. Other chili pepper types include poblano, chipotle, ancho, cayenne, tabasco and pimiento. Chili peppers get their distinct taste from the chemical capsaicin which is naturally resistant to both freezing and heat. Today, people can get their chili kick from related products like chili powder, chili oil and dried chili. Some vegetarians however would understandably still prefer fresh chili peppers for a good vegetarian chili recipe.

Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

Chili pepper aficionados would be pleased to know that chili peppers have great health benefits. One of the major benefits of a vegetarian chili recipe stems from the antioxidant content of chili peppers.

Chilies are known to have carotene and vitamin C which are potent natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are rouge unpaired molecules that may build up due to oxidation and cause cell damage by stealing healthy molecules to pair with. These free radicals may be the cause of various illnesses including cancer. The vitamins in a vegetarian chili recipe neutralize free radicals by pairing with them.

Another popular health benefit that you can get from a vegetarian chili recipe is the capsaicin, a natural pain reliever. A vegetarian chili recipe with enough capsaicin can diminish substance P which is responsible for sending pain signals. Capsaicin in a pure vegetarian chili recipe can decrease the sensation of pain without making a person loose complete sensitivity.

Studies to discover more health benefits of the chili pepper are being currently undertaken. Among those health benefits tapped by experts are that chili can improve digestion and metabolism, improve appetite, decrease levels of bad cholesterol and improve blood circulation. It is also quite clear that chilies have an indirect way of managing our bodies’ sodium levels. A flavorful chili dish simply cuts our need and craving for more sodium.

Vegetarian Chili Recipe

You know how they always say that vegetarian cooking may be dangerous because of the lack of protein? Now, that no longer holds true. You can always get enough protein by combining tofu and beans in a flavor filled chili recipe. Chili however is almost always best tasting in a recipe pot that is generously filled with garlic, onions and tomatoes. You can also try a little variety by experimenting with a little red wine or natural fruit juice in a chili recipe pot.

Source by Diana Pells

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