Growing Chili Peppers – 2 Great Tips


Let there be light

Chili plants love light. At the very least you will need a south facing window sill to grow you plants on. Even better would be a conservatory or greenhouse where you plants will benefit from all day long sunlight.

Another great little tip is to get a head start on the chili growing season being starting you chili plants just after Christmas. As soon as you plants germinate them need light. While you wait for the spring sunshine to arrive you can grow you plants inside. To help promote growth use an ordinary fluorescent tube light positioned about 10cm above your seedlings. These lights provide just the right spectrum of lights required for young seedlings. Once spring arrives you should have a set of good strong plants much closer to fruiting chillies than if you had relied solely on natural sun light.

Do not be a droop

One very common problem many people encounter when growing chili plants is flower drop. This is when you chili plant produces flowers that then go brown and drop off the plant without any chillies forming. This is a common issue many chili growers encounter especially when growing indoors or in a greenhouse. The cause is lack of insects pollinating your plants. To resolve the issue simply replicate the actions of the insects and pollinate your plants yourself. To do this take a small paintbrush and lightly rub it inside the flowers on a plant. To avoid cross pollination be sure to clean the brush between pollinating different plants.


Source by James McKerr

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