Growing Chili Peppers – Here is How to Do It


Growing chili peppers is becoming more and more popular. It is attracting all sorts of people from regular gardeners looking to grow something more exotics to lovers of spicy food. Whatever your reason growing hot peppers is easier than most people think and incredibly fun and rewarding.

If you have dabbled in gardening before then you will have no problems. Growing chilli peppers is very similar to growing tomatoes. If you have no experience growing plants then do not fear as it is very simple.

To germinate your seeds plant then in ordinary compost about 4 millimeters deep. Try to keep the seed tray indoors somewhere warm (on top of the fridge is a great place). You can even place the tray in a clear plastic bag to help keep the moisture in. Just make sure that the soil does not dry out. After a few days you should start to see the seedlings poke through (depending on the variety grown this could take up to 3-4 weeks).

As soon as they sprout the main requirement is light. Move the seed tray somewhere where it will get plenty of light. If you do not have a greenhouse then a conservatory or south facing window sill is ideal. Once the seedlings grow their second set of leaves they should be ready for potting on. Get some small pots (plastic drinking cups are great free alternative) and gently prick out the seeds being careful not to damage them and gently plant one per pot.

Once re potted the plants simply require heat and light. Again a greenhouse or conservatory are ideal or a sunny window sill. After the last frost has passed you chillie plants should be ready to go outside. Then it is simply a waiting game. After flowering your plants should start to set fruit and produce chillies!


Source by James McKerr

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