Growing Chillies – 3 Tips To Help You Produce Your Own Chili Peppers


Supplement growth with artificial lights

Growing chillies requires a plentiful supply of light. If you live in Northern Europe or a similar climate chilli plant s may grow slower than elsewhere. If this is the case you should consider extending your growing season by using fluorescent lighting. Raising you chilli pepper seedlings under regular fluorescent tube lights is a great way to get a 2-3 month head start on the chilli season. You will not be able to grow all year round under these types of lights though they are great for seeds and young plants.

Use good quality seeds

Although you can easily take sees out of a regular chillie from the grocery store and grow it there are many advantages to buying your seeds from specialist supplier. Firstly they will have isolated plant s with minimum risks of cross Pollination that will ensure your plants do not produce mutant chillies. Secondly specialist seeds usually offer a much higher germination success rate than self harvested seeds.

Do not over water your chilli plants

Chilli plants are used to growing in dry arid conditions. As a result it can be very easy to over water chilli plants. Doing so can cause roots to rot, fungus to appear on leave or encourage slugs or snails onto the plants. It is better to water thoroughly less often than a little every day as this helps to flush the salts and other chemicals out of the root system. As a start point try to water every 2-3 days, more obviously if the plants are in a greenhouse or there is particularly hot weather.


Source by James McKerr

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