Growing Hot Chili Peppers From Seeds – 3 Tips


If you want to grow hot chilli peppers from seed then this article sets out three great tips to help you improve the success of your plants, allowing you to maximize the yield of peppers your plants produce.

1 – Source your seeds from a good supplier

While it is perfectly possible to simply take seeds from a chili pepper you have bought or grown and plant them you may get some unexpected results. One common problem occurs if the parent plant has been grown around other varieties. This may result in hybrid plants growing fro your seeds. Another common problem with doing this is that germination rates of second generation seeds tend to be much lower.

To avoid the above problems simply buy your seeds from a reputable supplier. There are now many suppliers selling various varieties of chilli plants on line.

2 – Plant your chili seeds at the right time

Choosing the right time to germinate your seeds is crucial. Bear in mind that your plants will not be able to go outside until the risk of frost has passed (often mid April here in the UK). Assuming you have some indoor space such as a conservatory, greenhouse or sunny window sill then you should consider planting your seeds at the end of January. If you plant any earlier than this then you may find your seedlings will grow tall and spindly as a result of not getting enough light. It is possible to plant earlier than this, sometimes as early as November though If you do this you will need to use artificial lighting to provide the plants with the light they need to develop.

3 – Do not over water your plants

Chillies like it dry. Over watering is one of the mot common mistakes people make when looking after chilli plants.


Source by James McKerr

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