Growing Peppers


Sow seeds for bell pepper in spring at 21 degree Celsius in seed trays or modules. Keep at a temperature of 18 degree Celsius after germination. Prick out seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle. Once established, lower the temperature to 16 degree Celsius to grow on. As soon as they are big enough, transfer the young plants to the green house border, growing bags or large pots. If you are using growing bags, plant two or three peppers to a bag. Pinch out the tops of young plants when they get to 15 to 21 cm to make them bush out.

If the plants get above 18 to 20 inches they may need to be supported with canes or string. Tie plants in loosely. Water the peppers as necessary and feed every fort night once the fruit starts to swell using a tomato fertilizer. Peppers can be harvested from midsummer onwards. The fruit is ready when the skin turns glossy, usually when it is about the size of a tennis ball. Pick the first fruit when green to encourage more to develop. Subsequent fruits can be picked at the green or colored stages.

Peppers enjoy the same kind of growing conditions as tomatoes, so they make ideal companions. If you do decide to grow both, make sure you grow the peppers on the sunny side of the greenhouse so they are not shaded by the faster growing and much taller tomato plants. Many modern cucumbers produce only female flowers, but some green house varieties produce both make and female blooms, the female flowers have a small embryo fruit behind the petals. Pinch out male flowers before they have a chance to pollinate the female ones, because the resulting cucumbers will taste bitter.

The most popular sort of cucumber is long with a smooth skin, and can only be grown under glass. It is a climbing variety. There has been a recent rise in the popularity of both growing and eating bell peppers. Green peppers are the unripe fruit, yellow peppers are the first stage in the ripening process, and the final stage is red peppers. All peppers can be eaten raw or cooked. Use a sharp clean knife to remove large side shoots. Small ones can be pinched between thumb and finger. At the end of the growing season, tomatoes grow outdoors can be ripened in the green house. Strip off the lower leaves and hand the plants upside down.


Source by Dayante Rossdale

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