Guildford chilli and cheese festival

Chilli sauces galore this weekend at the Guildford chilli and cheese festival.

Guildford Cheese & Chilli Festival

20th & 21st July 2019 – 10.00am to 5.00pm


Guildford chilli and cheese festival

Live Music

A festival is not a festival without some live music! To keep us entertained, we have a number of bands playing for us throughout the weekend. The bands will be celebrated musicians from around the region playing anything from from jazz to rock. See the schedule for further information.

Guildford chilli and cheese festival

Cooking Demonstrations

A number of cooking demonstrations or talks will be offered by professionals from the cheese and chilli industry. Many sessions will be hosted by the famous Chilli Olly but we will also have many guest speakers. See the schedule for further details. The Demonstration Tent will also host the popular Man V Food Challenge and a Ready Steady Cook interactive cooking session.

Guildford chilli and cheese festival

Human Sized Table Football

At every event there will be a FREE to enter and play Human Sized Table Football.  Just like the table top game but it’s full size.  For all ages, strap yourself in and have a laugh trying to play football whilst attached to a metal bar.

2019 will be the 4th year of the Guildford Cheese & Chilli Festival. The Cheese & Chilli Festival provides fun activities for all ages. With FREE cooking demonstrations, Taste Tents, a Beer Festival, the amazing inflatable pub, Street Theatre, Live Music, Free Crazy Golf, Free Human Sized Table Football, Children’s Entertainments including Magic Shows, Punch & Judy, Balloon Modelling, Treasure Hunts. Come and see what the festival has to offer.

Plus the amazing Inflatable Pub!
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