Habanero Pepper Sauce – Heat Up Any Meal


Habanero means' from Havana "and is believed to have originated in Cuba, with consequent introduction to the Yucatan peninsula. Habaneros are the hottest of peppers with the Scoville heat units (SHU) ranging from 100,000 to 350,000. citrus-like flavor and floral aroma make it chief ingredients of the Habanero pepper sauce.

McIlhenny Co. Offers a Habanero version of their popular Tabasco sauce at 7,000 to 8,000 SHU, making it the spiciest Habanero sauce they offer. Other Habanero sauces of repute are Dave's Insanity sauce (80,000+ SHU) from Dave's Gourmet, which utilizes extracts but not the pepper itself for it's heat, and The Source (7,100,000 SHU) from Original Juan Specialty Foods. A habanero pepper sauce is a sauce that is not going to leave you wall eyed for choices.

13X Habanero Hot Sauce is the savior of many a bland dishes. This sauce is a rare find in the sea of ​​habanero hot sauces on the market. It's ingredients Sake, rice vinegar and lemon juice which blended with the fresh Habenero peppers and chilli garlic sauce to make this a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Blair's Sudden Death Habanero Sauce is a smasher of a sauce. The ingredients are Red Habanero pods, cayenne chilies, white vinegar, soybean oil, pure pepper resin, clover honey, key limejuice, siberian ginseng, and spices. The limejuice and the clover honey combination produces that special 'whack' that rattles your taste buds from slumber.

Idiot Boyz Habanero Hot Sauce will take you on a roller coaster ride of taste. The closest thing that can come anywhere near of describing that taste of this habanero is a bumpy ride. Imagine a bumpy ride in a beat up old truck that's smelling grease and making a lot of noises that, in no way, can be connected with an automobile. It's afternoon and although you are inside, you can not make out the difference of not being under the sun. You, try to take off your shirt but find that it has become so sweaty that it is clinging to your body. That is exactly how you are going to feel with this one.

A Habanero Pepper Sauce hots up your dishes like nothing else.


Source by Chris McCarthy

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