Hate broccoli? Broccoli recipes that will change your mind!

There are probably more people who dislike broccoli than there are enthusiastic fans of this much maligned vegetable. This may be due, in part, to the way you prepare this nutrient rich veggie. It must be noted that broccoli is one of the healthiest choices you can make when trying to get those 5-9 servings of produce each day. In fact, many holistic health practitioners often recommend broccoli as a daily dish for patients recuperating from serious illnesses.

Many of us remember that section of our dinner plate covered with an overly large portion of limp broccoli stalks that even the dog disdained as an under-the-table ‘treat’. The trick to delicious broccoli recipes that curry favor with your family is all in the preparation and seasonings. Here we have some generic broccoli recipes that may well become family favorites!

As mentioned, broccoli loses all of its potential appeal, as well as much of its nutritional value, when overcooked. Naturally, raw broccoli retains almost all of its nutritional benefits, so we’ve included a raw salad broccoli recipe you’ll want to try.

Most cooks have trouble using seasonings that marry well with broccoli. This veggie does have a distinctive and somewhat strong taste, making it a seemingly difficult match. This means it’s usually served with a little salt and pepper and maybe a dab of butter, resulting in a less than interesting combination. Next time you serve broccoli, try one of the following seasonings to add some zip to your broccoli recipes.

One delightful combination is as easy as it is simple, but oh so tasty: steam your broccoli, just until cooked. It should still have a bit of crunch. Just before serving, sprinkle with a teaspoon or two to taste and splash with a little lemon juice.

Another combination of veggies that makes a tasty broccoli side dish: along with your broccoli, steam some julienne-cut carrots. Lightly saute several mushrooms in  one or two teaspoons of olive oil. Finely dice a red onion and toss all the ingredients together. Serve and enjoy.

If you’re watching your food budget (who isn’t?), here’s a cheap broccoli recipe that serves as a complete meal. Cook up a batch of rice and steam your broccoli. Dice a red bell pepper and lightly saute with one clove of finely minced garlic. Cut a ½ inch slice of ham into cubes. Mix the broccoli, pepper, garlic and ham in a medium bowl. Serve over a bed of rice. This dish can also be enhanced with some grated Parmesan or smoked sharp cheddar.

To make this broccoli recipe even more filling, try adding one of the following: a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup, or a cream sauce spiked with a pinch of cayenne pepper or garnished with paprika.

Other seasonings that complement broccoli include lemon pepper, celery salt, basil and oregano. Use these seasonings one at a time!

Another simple broccoli dish that makes a hearty side dish: add either a can of cheddar cheese soup or make a batch of packaged Hollandaise sauce.

Add broccoli and bacon bits to a cheese souffle for a one dish meal.

Here’s a combination you may not believe: broccoli and French dressing is terrific as a cold summertime salad. Cut broccoli florets in thin slices and add some diced red onions. Let each diner add their French dressing to suit their taste.

So there you have more than half a dozen economical, generic broccoli recipes to add to your recipe box. Share with friends!