Holy Cow Himalayan Hot garlic Sauce

 Holy Cow Himalayan Hot garlic SauceI felt I had to do a review on this sauce… as it’s one of my favourites. The label on the bottle say’s “give it an Indian twist”, and it certainly does have an Indian twist, without using
typical Indian spices.

Let’s get one thing straight…. despite the name, this is
not a hot sauce. This is one of a range of sauces from the Holy Cow Company,
which also includes, Madrasi hot mint, Mango & chilli BBQ, spicey Bombay
Ketchup and Goan extra hot lime.

The sauce comes in a good size bottle, 290g,
and is available at Asda & Sainsbury’s.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Garlic(19%),Red chilli
puree(10%), Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate (5%), Habanero Chilli Puree
(peppers, salt, acetic acid),Salt, Cornflour, Garlic Granules, Colour (Paprika Extract),
Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Crushed Chilli.

As soon as
you open the bottle, the aroma hits you… slightly citrus, however the main
punch in the aroma, is garlic… and it’s a big punch !.

The sauce is
of a nice consistency, not too runny or thick… making it an ideal pouring
sauce. Taste is very similar to the aroma…. slight hint of lemon, then a
massive garlic kick !!, there is a little heat, but it’s more of a tingle, and
really quite pleasant. However the taste is awesome  !, a rich almost sweet taste… without being
sweet, and of course.. A huge garlic flavour, Then a little chilli taste,
leaving a very pleasant after taste in the mouth.

versatile, I use it as I would Ketchup, salad cream or any other everyday sauce….
On literally, all types of food. I even take a slug straight from the bottle
regularly. I would like to see the guys at Holy Cow make an Extra Hot version
of this sauce, as I think it would be perfect.

HEAT: 3/10